Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimizer System: Part 1

Paul Mortimer from Emerging talks to the guys @ ProToolsExpert about Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimizer system. Watch and learn how this amazing system works to perfect your listening experience.

Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimizer System: Part 2

In part 2 of this show and tell of Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimizer system, the ProToolsExpert guys find out more about the deeper operations and benefits of the amazing Trinnov Audio system.

Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimizer System: Part 3

In this the final video Paul and the guys @ ProToolsExpert talk about the results of Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimizer system testing and just how good Mike’s room now sounds corrected.

Quality Matters at StarMount Studio

“The audio engine of Pyramix is the most powerful yet versatile DAW we have come across so far.”

Merging Technologies bring Hapi-Ness to Mexico!

“Recording music is like magic and I’m so happy for the contribution of Hapi. It has been a wonderful transition.”

Audiences Love the Sound of DXD!

“The dynamics and harmonics of the piano to the sighs and subtle nuances of Gino’s voice were all reproduced perfectly.”

Ovation Adds Realsim To First World War

“We were lucky to see a demonstration of Ovation some time ago and it seemed to tick the boxes.  I think it is the perfect product for this type of project.”

Merging Partnership with AURO 3D

“Merging Technologies announces that its future 3D panning and mixing engine, to be incorporated in the next release of software for Pyramix and Ovation, will work seamlessly with Auro-3D® creative tools.”

Merging’s Horus & Pro Tools is a Winner!

“Amazing sound; natural and dynamically perfect. Incredible and impossible to go back. Horus will be my main recording system far into the future.”




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