We’re Hiring

We are Hiring

With an increasing customer base and new market development we now require a Product Sales Specialist to join our team.

Pro|Mon for DAD AX32 supporting the Avid S6 via Eucon

Pro Mon Video Image

Jan from NTP and JJ from HHB Scrub talk to Mike from ProToolsExpert about Pro|Mon Monitor Control Option for the DAD AX32, DX32 and NTP Penta 720, 721 with Eucon 3 support for the Avid S6 console.

Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimizer Explained in a 3 Part Video

Trinnov ProToolsExpert Video Review Image

Paul Mortimer from Emerging talks to the guys @ ProToolsExpert about Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimizer system. Watch and learn how this amazing system works to perfect your listening experience.

Who is using PSI Audio monitoring?

Luke Slater loves his PSI Audio A21-M's

“They sound like something I have never heard before. Everything was clear and upfront but neither silky or harsh!”

Quality Matters at StarMount Studio

“The audio engine of Pyramix is the most powerful yet versatile DAW we have come across so far.”

Merging Technologies bring Hapi-Ness to Mexico!

“Recording music is like magic and I’m so happy for the contribution of Hapi. It has been a wonderful transition.”






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