PSI Audio reveal A23-M at NAMM 2019

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PSI Audio presents the New A23-M three-way speaker at NAMM 2019 (Booth 15102)   At NAMM 2019 in Anaheim, USA, PSI Audio launch the new A23-M three-way monitor . Positioned between the two-way A21-M and the larger three-way speaker A25-M, the A23-M is perfect for nearfield and midfield applications. It uses established PSI Audio technologies […]

Mastering Engineer Bob Katz sweetens his room acoustics with PSI Audio AVAA C20

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Bob Katz, ?: Mary Kent  Bob Katz, mastering engineer, uses the active bass traps AVAA C20 by PSI Audio to perfect his mastering room acoustics.   With the introduction of the active bass trap AVAA C20, Swiss manufacturer PSI Audio revolutionized professional room acoustics. Producers and engineers all over the world integrated the AVAA system into their […]

James Ivey, Pro Tools Expert, puts the Vanguard V44S through its paces

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James Ivey, Pro Tools Expert, reviews the new Vanguard Audio Labs: V44S Stereo Microphone   James puts the V44S through its paces, recording a live quartet and drum session, presenting the quality of the Vanguard microphone. James states that “This microphone sounds absolutely awesome” and that “It looks stunning”. The Vanguard V44S is a stereo, […]

National Film & Television School puts trust in PSI Audio

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The National Film and Television School (NFTS) has installed a large number of PSI Audio speakers as part of a £20m development, which includes two new buildings, a second cinema and a 4K digital content training studio.

The World’s Best Analog Section and Converters… Full Stop.

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Pro Tools Expert take a first look at Merging Technologies Horus & HAPI.      In this video Paul from Emerging introduces us to the Merging Technologies Horus and Hapi audio interfaces that can be made ready for Pro Tools Standard and HD via and HDX interface card or over the AES67 Audio Over IP […]

BBC Keep Things Strictly Pyramix

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‘Strictly Come Dancing’ was first aired in 2004 from BBC Television Centre and Merging’s Pyramix was used for those early productions and on the successive series. The current series is transmitted from the George Lucas studio used by BBC Studios and Post Production. The demands of complex entertainment shows suggested that merely updating the Mykerinos based Pyramix was not going to be sufficient. It made sense to replace it completely with a new Pyramix MassCore 256 Music Pack with new hardware, including a Horus Networked Audio Interface. With the need to post-produce some of the shows, a VCube Essentials pack was also part of the package.

Pro Tools Expert get the D-Mon treatment

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Paul Mortimer from Emerging pays another visit to the guys at Pro Tools Expert to demo the updated D-Mon Series of Trinnov Audio’s Room Optimization System.

Horus converters part of the mix iZotope Studios

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Horus converters part of the mix at iZotope Award winning plug-in manufacturers place Horus at the heart of their setup The inclusion of the Horus units brings RAVENNA/AES67 connectivity tothe studio and provides for the easy integration of networked audio products as required. This perfectly fits with the need to adapt the rooms for a […]

Quality Matters at StarMount Studio

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“We are truly pleased with the amount of headroom available. The audio fidelity from the Horus converters is truly amazing as well. The audio engine of Pyramix is the most powerful yet versatile DAW we have come across so far. I feel this is the best purchase to date for our studio.”

HAPI-ness in Mexico

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“I did not expect Hapi to be such a dramatic change but it suits all my latest projects and I am itching to return to any hall as soon as possible. I have now sixteen extraordinary microphone preamplifiers plus the same amount of AD conversion and the possibility to easily integrate my other beloved preamps.”

Audiences love the Sound of DXD

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Gino Paoli is one of Italy’s legendary singer-songwriters who has been delighting audiences since the 1950s. Still performing now, he teamed up with the celebrated jazz pianist, Danilo Rea to perform at the wonderful Piazza del Duomo di San Miniato, near Pisa on July 27th 2014.

Ovation adds Realism to First World War

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London’s famous Imperial War Museum opened its new First World War Gallery in July. The vision was to give the visitor a more realistic representation of what life in a trench was like. A soundscape was clearly going to be vital and the noises should come from many different parts of the display. The mission was on to find a proven playback system that would respond to cues from a Medialon Show Controller and interface with video servers from 7th Sense and Dataton. The clear choice was the Merging Technologies Ovation.

2g Audio Visual is HAPI to win.

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The Merging Hapi Networked Audio Interface was won by Rich Griffiths from 2g Audio Visual in the UK. It seemed that Rich was involved in the right business and would find Hapi of use.

Merging Does Dallas

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“I still cannot believe the sound quality improvement in the audio control room, all due to the fine microphone preamps and converters in Hapi/Horus. These are the highest quality I’ve experienced”

Merging Technologies Announce 3D Panner Development

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Merging Technologies announces that its future 3D panning and mixing engine, to be incorporated in the next release of software for Pyramix and Ovation, will work seamlessly with Auro-3D® creative tools. This new partnership with Auro Technologies means that this panning and mixing engine will allow direct import of Pyramix files to the Auro-3D® encoder, and that the plug-in decoder can be used with Pyramix to monitor the Auro-encoded stream.

Horus & Pro Tools is a Winner!

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The search for the perfect converter to use on the road had taken some time as the requirement was to find a converter that was easily portable, had sufficient inputs and had “no-compromise” audio performance.
“Amazing sound; natural and dynamically perfect. Incredible and impossible to go back. Horus will be my main recording system far into the future.”

Babelsberg upgrades to DAD AX32

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“Florian Strucken of AVS-Medientechnik GmbH worked with us as a technical consultant and integrator. He invited Jan Lykke of NTP over to our studios with a demonstration system and we conducted some very successful listening tests. The results were breathtaking, both in terms of acoustic transparency and operational versatility. “The analog to digital and digital to analog conversion quality is highly impressive across many types of music.”


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Japan’s national broadcaster to use Merging Technologies converters with Avid Pro Tools Audio Workstations


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‘Merging will show a new AD and DA combination board that will instantly double the quantity of analogue I/O available on the units.’

The sensational launch of the latest in Merging’s Networked Audio range of interfaces has proven that the family of products was just what the market was looking for. Hapi has been shipping in increasing numbers over the last few weeks. In a step to significantly enhance the practicality of both Hapi and Horus, on stand # 8.E96, Merging will show a new AD and DA combination board that will instantly double the quantity of analogue I/O available on the units. A staggering 48 in/48 out on Horus makes it the ideal stagebox for many applications. For Hapi, this allows a number of exciting possibilities. 16 in/16 out or 8 in/8 out with MADI are likely to be big sellers. Despite the extra component density, the performance of the ADA8 AD and DA option card is virtually identical to the AD8 and DA8 components that are still in the range and can be “mix and matched” to form a huge range of I/O combinations.

AX32’s capture Jose van Dam & You

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AX32 converters capture José van Dam & YOU concert

AX32 converters captured the detailed audio nuances during a large-scale recording of a recent concert with José van Dam & YOU in Brussels. The recording was made at the city’s largest cultural venue, the Palais des Beaux-Arts, for the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. Other performers included the National Orchestra of Belgium and soloists. The concert was streamed directly over the web using low-latency uncompressed audio-over-Ethernet networking.