Pro Tools Expert take a first look at Merging Technologies Horus & HAPI.


   In this video Paul from Emerging introduces us to the Merging Technologies Horus and Hapi audio interfaces that can be made ready for Pro Tools Standard and HD via and HDX interface card or over the AES67 Audio Over IP protocol Revenna. Now it’s fair to say that a lot of the gear we test is great some it even really great but it can be very hard to tell just how much effect on your sound one piece of kit can have. This is not the case here. From the moment we connect the Hapi to the HDX Card (using the HDX Option card) the results were amazing. Once again Paul knows just how to empty James’ bank account. But there is more. The analog audio input cards that can be fitted to Horus and Hapi are not only line level in puts but they are all so fully DAW controllable Mic Pres, and stunning quality ones to boot. Watch and listen to find out how you to can have a Hapi ending all your own.

The World’s Best Analog Section and Converters… Full Stop.

After hundreds of comparison tests made by some of the world’s most “golden eared” engineers, we can say this with a strong sense of confidence.

The Networked Audio range of converters brings Swiss-precision and un-ending attention to detail in every single component and signal path and results in the most astonishing of record and reproduction signal paths of any audio interface or converter available today.

Hand matched and hand soldered analog componentry.
Ardatech AT1201 A/D chip with modified HPF for enhanced performance
Individually calibrated quartz clocking mechanism
Each channel must pass over 30 noise, distortion, CMRR and level threshold tests
Completely balanced signal path direct to the AD
A/D and D/A samplerate support from 44.1 -> 384kHz, DXD & DSD64/128/256

Merging Technologies Horus & Hapi – A First Look


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