It’s time to make the switch.

Introducing the Artel QUARRA Range
RAVENNA/AES67 Approved Network switches with the industry’s most accurate timing.


When it comes to Audio over IP, rest assured you want the most accurate PTP clock available ensuring the highest audio quality at all times.

The Artel Quarra switch is invaluable to any IP Audio network. Tested in conjunction with, and approved by ALC NetworX, it gives operators a wide range of functionality with a straight forward easy to use interface.

Taking advantage of PTP2; the second version of the Precision Time Protocol enables the switch to time stamp data packets on entry and exit , drastically improving timing, accuracy and precision across the network.

Why is accurate PTP important?

The PTP clock is the anchor to ensuring every device on the AoIP network is precisely synchronized. If the distance of devices varies there are going to be timing issues and the PTP clock ensures that all signals, how ever far, come together at exactly the same time. If they don’t, then ultimately you will get audio dropouts. It’s as important in an AoIP setup as a quality word clock master generator is to a traditionl digital studio and you know how much of a difference that makes to the sound!

 RAVENNA/AES67 Approved!


Why choose Artel?
  • Industry’s most accurate Timing & Synchronization for nanosecond accuracy.
  • Synchronous Ethernet, Master and Slave. Precision clock timing.
  • Ravenna AES67 approved.
  • Straight forward to use.
  • Dual AC PSU for total redundancy.
  • Full management from Web GUI or command line interface
  • No training required – units can be quickly and easily configured.
  • Live Video
  • Live Sound
  • Audio Broadcast
  • Music Production
  • Post Production
  • Broadcast DTT/DTV IP distribution.
ARG Quarra Switch Configurations

ARG Quarra Options Table

Artel Quarra Detailed Specs

Artel QUARRA 2800-EQ200


2800 EQ-200 Front

2800 EQ200

2800 EQ-200 Top







Artel QUARRA 2800-EQ219

2800 EQ219

2800 EQ219 Top


2800-EQ219 Front





Artel QUARRA 10000

Quarra 10000

Quarra 10000 Top

Quarra 10000 Front

Quarra 10000 Front





The Artel Quarra range is RAVENNA/AES67 Approved, meaning it’s the perfect switch for use in Audio-Over-IP setups. This makes it perfect for use with Merging Technologies Horus or HAPI, providing an elegant all in one solution for AES67!

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