It’s time to get HAPI!

Merging Technologies’ HAPI is a compact and affordable high end 1U multi-channel, networked audio i/o interface and ADDA converter capable of 24bit/192kHz and beyond! Designed from the same technology as Horus, it is the perfect front end for your DAW.

HAPI can hold up to 2 of the very same awarding winning transparent mic/line AD and DA output cards used in the award winning Horus converter, along with an optional MADI card for additional Digital I/O.

HAPI comes with ASIO and Core Audio drivers opening it up to a much wider audience and a superb front end for any Mac or PC audio workstation via the Ethernet socket on your computer.

The HAPI interface can be controlled over LAN from your workstation, laptop or tablet simply using your browser enabling control of your mic pre’s and routing.

 Key Features
  • 8 AES/EBU I/O via D Sub
  • 8 ADAT or 2 SPDIF I/O via TOSLINK
  • 44.1kHz to 192kHz and beyond! (Premium cards up to DXD/DSD256)
  • Audio over IP with RAVENNA – AES67 Connectivity
  • ASIO and Core Audio Driver
  • Interface control over LAN
  • 2 Slots for optional AKD8D/AKD8P, DA8/DA8P and MADI cards
  • Timecode and Sync – LTC/MTC/VideoRef/Wck
  • Dual stereo headphone outputs
  • Rotary encoder front panel control
 Option Cards

Separate high quality analogue input and output cards can be fitted to the base unit in blocks of 8 channels to customise your interface for different applications. Choose from Standard, 192kHz capable or Premium DXD/DSD capable inputs and outputs to capture every sound with the greatest accuracy and detail. Both AD cards have a direct out feature allowing the analogue mic/line signal to be taken directly after the mic pre and fed to other analogue devices so can used as a splitter. Ideal for feeds to monitor desks or secondary recording devises.

  • AKD8D and AKD8DP Standard and Premium 8 Mic/Line Input card with Direct outs.
  • DA8 and DA8P Standard and Premium 8 Line Output card.
  • ADA8 Standard 8 Mic/Line Input 8 Line Output card.
  • MADI I/O option Card


Hapi base unit, 8 ch AES i/o, 8ch Adat, Ravenna, ASIO, Core Audio

£Call for Price

Premium 8 Channel Mic/Line AKD card 44.1Khz to DSD/DXD w/Direct out

£Call for Price

Premium 8 Channel DA card 44.1Khz to DSD/DXD

£Call for Price

Standard 8 Channel Mic/Line AKD card 44.1khz to 192Khz w/Direct out

£Call for Price

Standard 8 Channel DA card 44.1Khz to 192Khz

£Call for Price

Standard 8 Channel Mic/Line ADA card 44.1Khz to 192Khz

£Call for Price

HAPI MADI Coax and Optical 64 Ch multimode card

£Call for Price

CON-D25-XLRF D25 to XLR 8 channel analogue input cable 1.5m for Hapi

£Call for Price

CON-D25-XLRM D25 to XLR 8 channel analogue output cable 1.5m for Hapi

£Call for Price

CON-D25-XLRD D25 to XLR 8 channel Digital i/o AES/EBU cable 1.5m for Hapi

£Call for Price

CON-D15-VTC Horus Time code and video ref breakout cable

£Call for Price

Horus/HAPI 64 channel Digilink module for Pro Tools HD/HDX £Call for Price


All pricing shown excludes VAT @20%



Using RAVENNA (AES67 compatible), HAPI is able to provide flexible connectivity of every single input and output across standard networks, using off-the-shelf network equipment.  The future is most definitely networked audio and it is HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Network Synchronisation

HAPI can be synchronised to video input (black burst or trilevel HD) word clock, network (PTP), AES-EBU, ADAT, SPDIF, MADI or Internal clock.  It can also serve as a network grandmaster (PTP).

Perfect solution for 
  • Main interface with a laptop or desktop as a compact recording and editing system
  • Second unit to compliment a Horus for additional AD or DA
  • Multi room installations where a small amount of digital and analogue is required in each area
  • Stunning quality converter for a Mastering studio
  • Pyramix Masscore or native system main i/o
  • DSD/DXD front end for up to 8 channels of high quality audio playback from a PC or MAC



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