Luke Slater – DJ, Musician, Artist, Producer

Planetary Assault Systems, L.B. Dub Corp, The 7th Plain, Clementine


Luke has been involved in electronic music since 1989 as a DJ, Musician, Artist, Producer and Performer.

He started off as a drummer in his early teens then once he discovered electronic music it quickly became his life.

How did you first come across PSI Audio monitors?

I was at a friend’s Studio ‘Eldad Guetta’ in London, he had the PSI Audio A21-M’s and said they sounded good so we sat down and I checked them out.

I thought to myself these speakers sound really different, they sound like something I have never heard before. Everything was clear and upfront but neither silky or harsh.

I need a speaker I can compose on. For modern day sounds the PSI’s really hit the spot!

I had been trying to find a new pair of monitors for a while, so once I got back from Eldad’s place, I gave Emerging a call, got a demo pair down and the rest is history!