Audio Playout Software designed for Broadcast, Theatre, Installations and Live Events.


For applications ranging from theatre playout, live events, fixed installations, theme parks, hotels, cruise ships, theatres, museums and exhibitions, corporate AV, television and radio production to name but a few, Ovation Media Sequencer and Controller is the ultimate choice when performance, speed and quality is a necessity. Integrated within Ovation is the award winning Pyramix Virtual Studio editing system allowing on the fly editing and compilation of your audio cues at any time right up to the start of the show.

Ovation MassCore

When you need heaps of power, near-zero latencies for live input management, and one of the largest mix engines available anywhere in the world, then you need Merging Technologies’ MassCore™ Audio Engine to deliver it . Based on Intel computing technology, but without any of the latencies inherent to host-based systems, Ovation delivers cutting edge power and flexibility at a substantially lower cost than that of FPGA and other proprietarily based mix engine architectures. The MassCore Audio Engine provides an internal mixer, managing up to 384 I/O with 384 buses configurable into any combination of mono, stereo, and multichannel surround with EQ/dynamics and other plug-ins available. The mixer can be remotely controlled with the optional integrated Tango 2 or any Oasis, Eucon, or Mackie HUI mixing control surface.

Ovation Native

For applications where cost is more of an issue, Ovation also comes in an ASIO based version, for use with any approved 3rd party interface. Combine the power of Ovation’s show building capabilities with the cost effectiveness of ASIO technology. Sold as a dongle authorised system, this is the perfect laptop version as well. Configure and test shows on the way to the venue, or even run a show from your notebook!

WebServer Option

Through a standard web interface (Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc) it is now possible to access your show from anywhere, over standard HTTP. Log into your show and see cue lists, cues, firing and show controls for any application where it is just not feasible to connect physically to the machine. Run a rehearsal with your iPhone, provide timing information to the Pit conductor and provide limited access to cue firing for the stage manager or other staff. Written using basic JavaScript and able to provide multiple access points to a single show, this also provides the ultimate tool for creating custom-made, fixed installations and exhibits where “black box” style configurations are needed.

Key features by application
Theatre/Live events:
  • 384 Buss Internal mix engine with VST support and delay compensation
  • Control inputs from a huge range of protocols which can trigger cues/lists/shows
  • Integrated Mixer control with the “TangOvation”
  • Live input management
  • Playback of up to 384 discreet audio channels at once.
  • Integrated editing with Pyramix Virtual Studio
Broadcast Playout
  • Simple, easy to use interface with high contrast colour coding
  • Touch screen compatible UI for compact work areas
  • Cost effective
  • Playback of any file type/sample rate/bit depth, without conversion
Sporting Arenas and Exhibition Halls
  • Integrates easily with comms system to send information to attendees
  • Can receive relay inputs and send relay outputs to control lightning and other environmental controls
Theme Parks/Cruise Ships/Large ‘mobile audience’ venues.
  • Easily configured for use with large format show controllers as well as run small shows as the master
  • Provides a single work-surface and single learning curve for entire crew
  • Integration with Tango controller allows for large audio engine needs to be contained within a very small footprint.
  • Ability to place graphic eq’s, limiters etc across buss outputs makes Ovation perfect for small de-rig systems
Museums and user interactive exhibits
  • Configurable UI to allow for simple “untrained” access to playback in the system
  • Ability to create multiple access points for a single system, allowing for multiple zones to be controlled by a single system
  • Control Protocol inputs (MIDI/GPIO etc) allow for simple ability to connect foot switches, infrared beams and other relay devices to allow for environmental control.
Software Packs


£Call for Price

Ovation is available in 3 configurations: Silver, Gold and Platinum, designed to be integrated into various applications and budgets.

Designed for Broadcast Playout, Small Theatres and for when connection to a larger system of control is not necessary.

  • Audio playback with up to 48 matrix outputs
  • VST Support
  • MIDI and GPI/O support
  • Built-in Pyramix DAW editing


£Call for Price

Designed for larger theatres, theme parks and any application where Ovation is going to be connected to a larger system and potentially a Master Show Controller

  • Audio playback with up to 384 matrix outputs
  • VST and VS3 Support
  • MIDI, MSC, MMC, GPI/O, RS-422, RS-232, LTC, .BAT support
  • Pyramix Virtual Studio – Music Pack enabling multi-track recording of up to 384 inputs


£Call for Price

Designed for any application where Ovation is to be used as the core system (replace a mixing console, show controller and FX rack)

  • All the features of Ovation Gold
  • Mixer Control integration with TangOvation
  • Scene Snapshot and recall fetures removing the need for an external mixing surface rom many applications.

Trial Version Download

You can download a free evaluation version of the Ovation software by clicking this link

It is the full Ovation installer, so if you want  buy a full version afterwards, all you  need to do is purchase the security USB dongle and key from us.

Feature limitations of Ovation Eval:

  • You can load only one cue list
  • You can save and open normal shows
  • You can playback out of 2 outputs only
  • You can employ basic MIDI functionality
  • Pyramix editor will run in Eval mode only
  • No MP3 or AAC functionality