Paul Zimmer

EA, Activison, BBC, Disney, MTV


When I started out as a novice in the industry, kitting out my studio was all about knock-out sounds and the flashing synth lights. Now I’m closer to the veteran end of the spectrum, my priorities have completely changed. I realised that the orchestral libraries, sweeping synths and effects units were all for nothing if I couldn’t trust the sound that they were producing.

This confidence ultimately comes down the monitor speakers and the room – arguably for some not the most enthralling aspects to consider in a studio, but now I am convinced, by far the most important.

Emerging have helped me transform my belief in what my speakers and my room are telling me, with a combination of the PSI A21Ms and the Trinnov ST2. The PSI’s imaging and frequency response is extremely neutral and any deviation introduced by the room itself is beautifully corrected by the ST2, finally giving me absolute confidence that my mixes will translate to all listening environments.