AX32 & DX32 Monitor Control


Key Features
  • Monitor Controller with talk back, summing and fold down.
  • Control via EUCON 3 for Avid S6, S5, S3 and Artist Series
  • Built-in matrix for flexible routing and digital inserts
  • Configurable for any audio format eg. mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1
  • Pristine A/D and D/A conversion with optional mic pre
  • Digital I/O via MADI, AES3, Dante and SDI
  • Direct Connection to Pro Tools HD/HDX/HD Native cards




The AX32 and DX32 provide a unique solution for easy and flexible monitor control and signal insert management using a variety of analogue and digital audio interfacing.

Monitor control is made via EUCON enabled DADman software which is configurable for a variety of user definied I/O set-ups. The AX32 or DX32 process the matrix settings, signal levels, summing and down mix.

Using EUCON monitor enabled control surfaces, control room monitors and individual monitoring such as cues, stems and inserts can be managed quickly and precisely. Control can be performed directly from the DADman control software.

The AX32 and DX32 have identical high quality audio processing. The Ax32 frame can optionally be equipped with analogue and/or 3G-SDI audio cards.  Monitor functionality is also available for the NTP Penta 720 and Penta 721 routing and networking interfaces.


EUCON and DADman Control

The AX32 and DX32 are controlled via Ethernet using NTP DADman control software which runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX. DADman can be enabled as a EUCON device and connected to the required EUCON-enabled control surface. The DAD unit settings can be managed in DADman, as well as input and output configurations.


The AX32 and DX32 provide a large number of I/O Channels which can be individually configured.

  • The following interfaces are available:
  • 3 MADI interfaces with upto 192 channels;
  • 64 channel AoIP interface via Audinate Dante;
  • 8 Channels of AES3 (16 mono channels)

The modular slot structure of the AX32 additionally provides up to 48 pristine analogue I/O channels as well as a 16 3G-SDI embedder/de-embedder interfaces with a total of 257 audio channels.