VCube is a multi-purpose video player/recorder supporting all Standard and High-definition formats in NTSC, PAL and High- definition. Video capturing is an option as the system is able to directly stream media files, OMF, AAF and FCP-XML compositions from a media server, bypassing the rendering stage for audio post production. Even complex multi-layer compositions including different media types can be displayed in real-time. No additional option is required to playback a single uncompressed HD 1280×720@24fps video data flow.

VCube LE Player

This VCube offers the most fundamental requirements and cost-effectiveness for audio post production, ADR, Screening, Live Events and simple video referencing. As a software only package it can be installed on any suitable PC and can import an array of video formats detailed in the VCube specification section.

VCube XE Player

The XE model is an enhanced version of the LE and suited as a Video Player for Job Preparation, Finalisation, Conversion and Transcoding as it comes standard with the ability to import/ export, transcode/render/wrap the media.

VCube SE Player/Recorder

The SE adds recording capability as standard with all the functionality you could need as a Video Player/Recorder for ingest, Editing and VTR replacement in either Standard or High-definition configurations. VCube SE SD or HD comes standard with SDI and Analog video/audio inputs and outputs.

VCube LE/XE/SE Pro

If you need to synchronise VCube to external machines you have the option of including Merging’s new sync card offering Video Ref Sync I/O with LTC, RS422, MIDI MC, and optionally Bi-phase. VCube LE can also be installed in the same machine as Pyramix without the need for the sync card as full synchronisation is achieved through Merging’s Virtual Transport technology.

Available Features
  • VCube Player
  • Render/Export/Wrap
  • Virtual transport Sync
  • Sync Card (LTC/RS-422/Sync/Midi)
  • Video Record
  • Video I/O SD-SDI Card
  • Video I/O SD/HD-SDI Card
  • Video I/O Dual SD/HD-SDI Card
  • SVGA – DVI Out
  • SD-SDI I/O
  • Dual link SD/HD-SDI I/O
  • Composite I/O
  • Component I/O
  • Machine Control
  • QuickTime Support
  • Video for  Windows Support
  • OMF Interchange Support
  • HD 720 Support
  • HD 1080 Support
  • Analog Audio I/O
  • AES Digital Audio I/O
  • SDI Embedded Audio I/O
  • Audio: PMF, AIF, OMF, WAV, BWF, AVI, QT
  • Video: Cube, MOV, AVI, OMF
  • MXF Support
  • AAF Interchange
  • Apple FCP Interchange
  • IMX30/40/50, D10, MPEG2-SD (XDCamSD) Support
  • DVCPro (DV50) Support
  • DVCPro HD (DV100) Support (DV50 Included)
  • DNxHD  codec Support
  • MPEG2-HD  (XDCam HD) codec Support
  • AVC-Intra  (P2) codec Support