Pro|Mon: AX32 & DX32 Monitor Control

The AX32 and DX32 provide a unique solution for easy and flexible monitor control via EUCON enabled DADman software. The AX32 or DX32 process the matrix settings, signal levels, summing and down mix.


The DX32R Digital Audio Bridge with flexible configurations and connectivity via DANTE, MADI and AES/EBU.


Pristine AD/DA/DD Converter System with Analog, Dante, MADI and AES I/O and a versatile routing matrix.

DAD AX24 192 for Pro Tools™

AX24 192 PHD is a dedicated model of the AX24 able to directly connect to Pro Tools™ via standard DigiLink Cables.


The AX24 is a modular ADDA configurable up to 8 channels and working up to 384kHz, DXD and DSD.